JJ Project Event

Twin Souls is an international cupsleeve event to celebrate JJP's 8th Anniversary. This event was initiated by @peachahgase from the Phillipines and we at Eunnise Pins will be hosting the Chicago leg of the Twin Souls Cupsleeve Event Series! 
The event itself will be a place for fans to get together, mingle, get great food and drinks, and be able to buy and trade both official and fanmade merch!



For those coming from the suburbs, it is all street parking so plan accordingly.
Carpooling is strongly recommended.
For those taking a train (whether from the suburbs or the city) you can commute using the CTA Red Line that stops at Loyola Station! It's only about a 7 Minute walk from the cafe!
If you're interested in going somewhere fun before or after you stop by the event, there is an amazingly cute Specialty Cafe called XO Marshmallow! It's only a 4 minute walk!
Looking to check out another JJP Event? Our friends over at @EventsByNamu are hosting an event of their own at Tao Tea, only about a 9 minute drive away. Their event will be hosted from 11 AM - 5 PM the same day.