Meet Your Eunni

EUNNI / 어니
1. korean word used by a female to refer to an elder female, often as a polite replacement for a second person singular pronoun
2. easily the oldest fans in any fandom
se / 새
1. korean word for bird
2. half of Got7s fandom name Ahgase/ 아가새, meaning Baby Bird
I’m Angie and I’m Shay, and we are Eunni새 Pins! 
We’re Art School Graduates, BFFs, 한국어 학생, tea enthusiasts, probably your eunni, and most importantly AHGASE!! 
Chicago based, we searched and searched for quality, GOT7 inspired, fan-made merch stateside, but struggled to find many options or variety. So we decided to make things ourselves!! 
Starting in October 2018, Eunni새 pins is still new to the KPOP and enamel pin community but we have learned and grown so much in just a few months. Talking to and meeting Ahgase from all over the world through pins has been our favorite part so far!